The Beauty Cookbook 

300x600I spotted The Beauty Chef: Delicious food for radiant skin, gut health and wellbeing face out on the library shelf, flicked it open, and decided that pretty floral endpapers were as good a reason as any to give it a go.

Oates describes the Spanish seafood stew as one of her all-time favourite meals, and we had freshly foraged cockles in the fridge and kahawai in the freezer from Evan’s last fishing trip, so we decided to give it a go. (We left out the mussels and prawns called for in the recipe; I can’t remember the last time I stuck faithfully to a recipe.)



I make a similar meal often when we have some fresh seafood, but the reason I wanted to try this particular recipe is that it includes a quarter of a cup of almond meal, which you fry up with olive oil and garlic before blending into a paste and adding to the stew base just before you add the seafood. I wondered what this would add to the dish, and it makes it wonderfully thick and hearty.

I’ve flagged some recipes for healthy sweet snacks (such as the chilli-spiked stuffed date truffles and the chocolate and peppermint crunch) because I’m finding I’ve developed more of a sweet tooth and have become even more of a gannet now I’m working from home, and I’m also eyeing up the chicken congee with boiled egg, the cabbage and pork rolls baked in tomato sauce and a fair few more of the main meals.

There’s a quite a lot of handy info at the front under the headings ‘Glowing kitchen tips’ and ‘Beauty nutrients’, though I feel as though I’ve had my fill of this type of stuff recently so I skimmed it before flicking to the recipes.

While the market may seem a little flooded with wholefood, free-from cookbooks at the moment, this one does have substance, and many appealing recipes that don’t taste and feel like you’re eating like bird food. And a very pretty design.

They Beauty Chef: delicious food for radiant skin, gut health and wellbeing by Carla Oates (Hardie Grant, 2016)



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