Clever is great, but clear is better. To polish a text or copy, I focus on things like tone, format and structure and whether aspects need to be expanded on, removed, rearranged or rewritten. I make sure it reads smoothly and clearly. I correct errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling and format text for consistency. I don’t make a text read like a stuffy grammar textbook or obliterate the author’s unique voice: maintaining the writer’s personality is key.
I also offer proofreading services: fixing errors in set text and non-text elements such as photos and captions to help you put your best foot forward by publishing a spick-and-span, professional-looking finished product.

My writing experience includes recipe writing, memoir cowriting, magazine interviews and articles, press releases, art exhibition catalogues and content for websites and advertisements. As well as writing from scratch, I can also massage and develop existing content.

I can help ensure your project runs smoothly by developing and maintaining a production schedule and managing deadlines; liaising with multiple contacts and stakeholders; commissioning and coordinating contract work such as illustration, photography, typesetting and design; managing budgets; and more.

I specialise in cookbook indexing, creating a user-friendly and comprehensive map of the book’s contents to help the reader quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

I can help you find and collate information, track down copyright holders and permission contacts and assist in sourcing photographs and artwork from local and international picture libraries.
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